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The techniques in this lesson could apply to any animation software, but your instructor uses Adobe Flash, a multimedia and software platform used for authoring vector graphics, animation, games, and apps. Optionally you can also use After Effects to compile an exported frame sequence from Flash, and add some extra FX. Any non-linear video editing program could also be used.

Your Instructor

Conan Sinclair is a professional animator and illustrator, and one-half of the team at SIN ARS STUDIOS, a small independent game development studio located in Victoria, Australia. For freelance inquiries, you can contact Conan through his website, Sinars-Studios.com.

Create 2D Special FX using Adobe Flash (or your choice of software)

Conan Sinclair is back with another fantastic "tradigital" themed animation tutorial, this time turning his attention to Flash-based special FX. You'll learn in real-time, as Conan shows you how to animate various explosives, water pouring, splashes, steam, smoke, candle flames, fire and much more. These FX are the foundation of countless other hand-drawn style animations you could create. And while Conan's preference is to use Flash for animation, you could work with any program, such as Toon Boom Animate or Toon Boom Studio.

Below you can find examples of each section from this six hour tutorial series. As always, your purchase includes the instructor's source files...

Muzzles and Mini-Explosives

Part 1 and Part 2 of the course focus on the muzzle and mini-explosive FX. To the right, you can view the exported movie from the project taught in the course...

Candle Flames and Fire

The third session in the series teaches you how to animate a small flame and a larger fire. Check out the exported movie from the project taught in the course...

Steam and Smoke FX

The fourth session covers two similarly challenging effects, steam and smoke. You can view examples of the project files to the right...

Running Water and Splash FX

Water is the bane of most animators at some point or another. Check out how Conan tackles both a running water and splash effect in the fifth session...

The Grand Enchilda - A Giant Explosion

And finally, the big bang. Conan animates an incredibly cool looking explosion effect. Check out this final example to the right...

Preview Video

Below you can watch a preview of every Flash animated 2D effect taught in the course.

All the 2D Flash FX taught in this course..

A preview of a muzzle effect using Flash

The Tradigital Animation: 2D FX tutorial using Adobe Flash. Nearly six explosive hours total.

Only $19. Download these videos directly to your computer. Includes source files and free updates. You'll be notified by email whenever there's an update to either the course or collection of source projects. Redownload access is always granted for our products.

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